Intifadhah Pertama (1987–1993) adalah pemberontakan rakyat Palestina terhadap pendudukan Israel di Palestina.Pemberontakan dimulai di kemah pengungsi Jabalia dan dengan cepat menyebar ke seluruh Gaza, Tepi Barat dan Yerusalem Timur. Kekerasan merupakan ciri penting dari intifadhah, dengan eksekusi orang yang dituduh sebagai pendukung Israel. Diperkirakan 1.100 orang Palestina dibunuh oleh tentara Israel dan 164 orang Israel dibunuh oleh orang Palestina. Selain itu, diperkirakan 1.000 orang Palestina dibunuh oleh orang Palestina karena dituduh sebagai pendukung Israel. [ Wikipedia ]
Palestinian childMany people in the West do not know what the word "Intifada" means.
Currently, the Palestinian people are being oppressed by Israel. This manifests itself in many ways; from the use of bullets and missiles against demonstrators; to the continued building of settlements with no respect for Palestinian rights; from the removal of Palestinians from their homes; to the continuos disregard for numerous United Nations resolutions.
Intifada is simply the defense of the Palestinian people against this oppression.
On this web site, we are asking for your help in the Intifada. We especially would like those of you from the West to help us. And there is action you can take that will help us...please click here for more details.

Intifada: انتفاضة Arabic word stands for shaking off or shivering because of fear or illness. It also means abrupt and sudden waking up from sleep or unconcerned status. Politically; The word came to symbolise the Palestinian uprising against the Israeli occupation. The word also stands for the weakness of the Palestinian people and their suffering under the Israeli occupation. http://www.intifada.com/palestine.html

An old man weeping on the ruins of his house.One of the tasks of Israel Defence Forces.A daily sight in Palestine. A demonstrator shot for throwing stones.Sick mentality exhibited on this Israeli helmet.Why is Israel still in Palestine streets and towns?Capture Why Intifada?

What inspires a nation in their entirety to Intifada? 
Human Rights
Israel denies full human rights to the Palestinians. In the meantime, Jewish settlers enjoy the full privileges and protection of the Jewish state. 
For example, the Palestinians have to seek the permission of the Israelis as they go about 
their daily lives.
Palestinians are regularly stopped and questioned by the army and police. Travel outside and within Palestine requires an "occupation signed permit" - this also occurs when Palestinians need to travel to pray. 
Many Palestinians rightly feel degraded by such treatment. On occasions, bribes are sought from passers by.
There are currently five million Palestinians living outside Palestine as refugees.

Many left as a result of the Israeli violence. Others left after the occupation to pursue work or studies. 
When those people attempted to return to their homes and towns, Israel closed its borders and denied them entry....this situation continues today. 
Over the years, Palestinian homes and villages have been cleared by the Israelis to make way for their settlements. 

Israel controls all the ports and roads into and out of Palestine. Israel has not allowed the Palestinians to build their own port. 
Every shipment of food and medicine must pass under the Israelis supervision and approval. On many occasions Israel collectively punishes the Palestinians by closing these roads and ports. 

Israeli law effectively permits the use of torture. Their statute books refer to it is "physical pressure"
The Jewish state has killed tens of thousands of Arabs and Palestinians. 
Leniency is often granted to those who commit such crimes in Israeli trials. Three soldiers were ordered by an Israeli court to pay the family of a Palestinian they killed a compensation of one cent, divided between the three. 

An Israeli was sentenced to serve a life sentence for killing a nine years old boy
(whose head he crushed with a machine gun). 
He was released from jail after two years. 
Holy shrines
Israel has desecrated the sanctuary of Muslim and Christian shrines regularly. Aqsa mosque was nearly burned down in 1969. It is still threatened with demolition by the Israelis. Frequently, Muslims are prevented from attending prayers by the Israeli army.